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YES I Was Addicted…

YES I Was Addicted…

There I was, just sitting there, minding my own business when I hear something calling me. It’s that little voice that is calling my name.  I stood up and went on a search of the source. The sound, I discovered, was coming from my pantry or in my case I work inside a Wal-Mart.  How easy was it for me to get a hold of some SUGAR…GEEZ but it was my favorite SUGAR treat calling my name.

BAM it was food talking to me.  Was I crazy?  No I realized I had a SUGAR addiction. And, yes, we have all probably joked about being addicted to SUGAR before, but did we realized just how harmful SUGAR can be?  I honestly did not.
I understand today what SUGAR does to the body.  Here are a few facts about how SUGARis toxic for the body.
SUGAR causes OBESITY, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, DEPRESSION. Yes it gets worse. SUGAR consumption along with refined grains is associated with the increase in BREAST CANCER, and CANCERS of the colon and stomach.  SUGAR is responsible for the YEAST OVERGROWTH and bad bacteria in our gut.  SUGAR causes INFLAMMATION in which we suffer with our joints, heart, asthma all just to name a few.  SUGAR also suppresses the IMMUNE SYSTEM!  So are you ready to kick your SUGAR addiction?
Ok so you are probably asking, “Julie, how do I beat a SUGAR addiction?  Getting over SUGAR cravings is not easy, but anything worth striving for is not!  I have been able to do it and I know that you can too! 
Read your labels: Start noticing just how many foods you eat either contain sugar or act like sugar in your body. If it’s not a raw food (fruit or veggie) and has more than 5 grams of sugar in a serving, don’t eat it.  I have totally done away with eating anything that is pre-packaged.  There are a few things that I still purchase that may be in a jar or can but it’s important that you read the labels and check how much sugar content is in them.  
Eat fruit: It is easy to overdo this, but focus on fruits that are low on the glycemic index, such as:  cherries, plums, grapefruit, peaches, apples, pears, grapes, coconut, kiwi, oranges, strawberries and prunes.  Have 2-4 servings per day.  
Eat more often: Eating more often is much better for your blood sugar, your metabolism & your sugar cravings.  I eat roughly 5-6 times a day.  Always include protein, veggies and low glycemic fruit in your plan. I have eliminated sugar, dairy and yeast/gluten products from my diet.         
Drink More Water: Sometimes, your cravings may get mixed up in your brain. When your body wants water, it may cause you to think you need sugar. Drink a large glass of water when your cravings strike.  Add a lemon or lime to your water.  I also drink Le Croix which is a sparkling water with a variety of flavors.  Coconut,Berry, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and a few others.   You should consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day.  So drink up!
Go Nuts: Try eating nuts or nut butters. Almond butter is my favorite.  I am a huge almond fan!  I love, love RAW almonds. Not roasted or salted or those made with honey but pure RAW almonds. The combination of high protein and fat will stop those cravings in their tracks!  Sometimes I will mix a few Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Chips in with my raw almonds.  They have only 6% sugar for 16 chips and 80 calories and makes a great snack in between meals.  
Exercise: Get out and get a little sunshine also a great source of Vitamin D.  Take a brisk 30 minute walk.  It does the body good!

I know this is a big step but you can do anything you put your mind too.  I cleaned my pantry and fridge and got rid of those sugary sweets.  This was one thing that I did not take a baby step with.  I quit cold turkey.  I could not just have a little here or there as if I did I would over indulge.  I know me.   I even stopped drinking sweetner in my coffee. I drink it black and every now and then I will have a little stevita.  It is going to take you a good 21 days to break the addiction. Break the addiction!

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